The 2nd CD is nearing completion. It will include a duet with my daughter, Mary, and the debut single of my son, Charles.


Check out the Audio section for a sample of some of the songs on my first CD.  As well the Lyrics for the 10 songs I wrote are posted under the "Your Friend" - Lyrics section.

To get more information about the songs, please see the Song Bio's section.

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Ross Kennedy

First time listeners to Ross Kennedy's songs usually say things like "Besides the tone and lyrics I like the messages the songs deliver"
The music and lyrics give us strong visuals of relatable life experiences that seem to resonate within us
"Ross Kennedy's music is a wonderful collection of real life experiences and emotions.From the first listen you will hear the integrity in his melodies and gentle voice"
                          Dennis Field...Award winning sound engineer,producer and competition judge
And as Charles Trenholm says ..."Listened to your new CD Ross and thoroughly enjoyed it. The acoustics were great. I heard the richness in your vocals at times and also enjoyed what I would call the quirkiness in your tone at other times. Great job Ross I loved it. It was very real and professionally put together"
Or as Ross playfully states
"Well as in Kevin Costner's movie "Field of Dreams" which says if you build it they will come.....Well I built it so now I'm enjoying watching the listeners coming out of the corn"