Ross now has four CD's under his belt, produced at the beautiful state of the art Escarpment Studio in Belwood, Ontario.

A purely Canadian talent, Ross now has songs charting in Europe.  SEND HER ALL MY ANGELS recently reached #1, and before that BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE also reached #1.  NOW AND THEN is currently at #7.  As of this week, NOW AND THEN is at the #1 position on the European charts!

We expect more #1's in the future!  

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Brown Eyed Angel

 Music and Lyrics by Ross Kennedy

 Written in 2006


This is a song about being ourselves and being comfortable about being who we are.


So many times in life we don’t like who we are so we try to be someone else.


Guys try to be mancho or tough or badass because guys think that is cool.  Girls try to be glamour queens or sometimes even edgy or bitchy because they think that that is cool.  Hence the line “Sometimes you’re kinda edgy cause ya think that that’s so cool”.   And the line “You’re trying hard to be a glitzy girl.  Ahhh, but it doesn’t  suit you well.”


Sometimes we do this to cover up our sensitive or loving side because we perceive it as a weakness.


Sometimes we do it as a lack of self-confidence of who we really are.


The way the program works is we are created by the Creator who created everything.  We had no choice in this, but sometimes we choose not to be thankful for this or we choose not to acknowledge this.  We think somehow we are all powerful or as they say…. Our ego gets too big.


Also before we incarnate we decide on a plan for our life’s journey to help us learn and overcome and help others and expand our souls.  This is what is referred to as our destiny or our life’s purpose.  But sometimes you and I get “off track” for various reasons.


So now to get to this song and how it came into being.


I had a friend who I discovered after a bit that she was a little off track.  She was working as a bartender in a motel/ restaurant place and in talking to her I found that it wasn’t really what she wanted to do.  She spoke of how she really thought she should be a nurse.  She had some type of chronic minor disease that nurses helped her with, plus she had a friend who was in a bad car accident and a passerby nurse was able to help her and essentially save her life until the paramedic team was able to arrive.


This had a strong influence on her and she felt led to entering into that profession.  When I would say “why don’t you then?” she would say, “well, I’m older now.  I’m 28 and it’s a 4 year program, and I wouldn’t be finished until I was 32”.  I would try to encourage her and empower her by saying things like “well in 4 years you’re going to be 32 anyways.”  I actually used to tease her a little bit by saying “Aren’t you that bartender who is supposed to be listening to all the problems of the guys at the bar?”  I would joke and say “This is role reversal!!  Here I’m the sounding board”.   She would laugh.


So one day I said “I’m going to write a song about you”.  “What are you going to call it?”, she said.  “Brown Eyed Angel”, I said.  So I got my pen and paper out there on the bar top and said, “Do you want to help??” .  “No”, she said, “you’re the songwriter, I don’t know how to do that”.


She would tell me about her life and such and she said she had a boyfriend, but they kind of broke up but she still liked him and she would travel across the country to see him….fly from Halifax to Calgary.  She really didn’t understand why they weren’t still together, but she said to me one time, “I love him though….I’ll love him forever”.


The next time I saw her I told her that I wrote that into the song and the line was “you’ll love until forever turns into forever”.  And then I told her “whatever that might mean”.  I’m not quite sure what that means (forever turns into forever)  But I wrote it into the song anyway.


So the next time I saw her I told her that I had written in the song “Whatever that might mean”, as well, so the line was going to be:   You’ll love until forever turns into forever, whatever that might mean.


I also wanted to make this song kind of special for brown-eyed girls.  And of course I like all types of eye colours, blue, brown, or green in all shades.


Have you ever been to a place where the music is playing and the band or DJ play that old Van Morrison song “Brown Eyed Girl”?  Well all the brown-eyed girls come to life.  Their eyes light up and they say “That’s my song, that’s my song”.   They grab their husband or boyfriend and head out to the dance floor to relive their moment of glory.


So I wanted this song to have some of that in it, to make brown eyed girls feel special.


But as originally stated at the beginning of this bio, this is a song about being comfortable about who we are and to let our angelic heavenly sides of us be exposed and that it is all right for you and I to “Smile and laugh and be ourselves”.