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A purely Canadian talent, Ross now has songs charting in Europe.  SEND HER ALL MY ANGELS recently reached #1, and before that BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE also reached #1.  NOW AND THEN is currently at #7.  As of this week, NOW AND THEN is at the #1 position on the European charts!

We expect more #1's in the future!  

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Farewell to Nova Scotia



This of course is a song I didn’t write but is an old Nova Scotia folk song which thru the ages I’m not sure if anybody knows who wrote it so it is branded author unknown.


It is a song that I like and that I can relate to being born in Nova Scotia.  “Farewell to Nova Scotia” is something that a lot of Nova Scotian’s have had to say…..some have returned and some never will but will always stay in our hearts in the same way as the old saying goes….you can take the boy out of the country but you can never take the country out of the boy….


My story is that I was born there, but left when I was 2 because my dad left because he had to find work in Ontario.  So I left when I was 2 and I was raised in an awesome Ontario farmland community of Crown Hill which is between Barrie and Orillia.


When in my early 20’s I went for a visit in Nova Scotia and stayed there many years and all my kids were born there except Doug who was born in Alberta.  So all my ancestors come from Nova Scotia from the Tatamagouche/ Truro area and I am thankful for all the time I spent in Nova Scotia and the communities I lived in Tatamagouche, Truro, Bible Hill and North River.


I still have family there.  One of my sons (William) lives in the Truro area.My daughter lives in the Tatamagouche area.  My uncle Jim and cousins Sharon and Ross live in Stewiacke and my uncle Victor and Aunt Geraldine and cousins Marty, Cathy, John and Heather who live in the Wolfville area.


Also thankful for the many friends I have there too numerous to mention who I played on sports teams with or sang songs around summer campfires with or who I worked with on many building projects.  So gratiful for all the lessons you have taught me and helped mould me into the person that I am today.


I guess when I’m singing this song, I think of “the mountains dark and dreary be” and the many times I’ve driven over Mt Thom on my way to Pictou, New Glasgow or Antigonish and the many many many hours I have spent skiing at Wentworth Mountains enjoying the sun and snow and wind on my face and all the sights, sounds and smells that go with it.


So Farewell to Nova Scotia is something a lot of us have to say for various reasons….. Career changes, we join the military or RCMP, company transfers, job situations, poor economy etc.  Used to hear this old fella say some people back in the day would have some family who had moved to Boston and sent word back that there was work there and whole families left the small houses with all the furniture and all the beds made, the table set, all their possessions, moved to Boston and never returned to Nova Scotia.


Yes Farewell to Nova Scotia is something a lot of us have had to say.  As the songwriter in this song said and was inspired to write about….he didn’t really WANT to go, but he HAD to….because it was war time and the captain called.


Still the guy wondered if Nova Scotia would think of him when he was tossed and driven on the briny deep blue sea.  Even though we all miss where we come from sometimes this songwriter was wondering if Nova Scotia would miss him and I think it is that thought which gives this song its appeal.


We all wonder that and we never forget about our roots and the good memories that shape us.