Ross now has four CD's under his belt, produced at the beautiful state of the art Escarpment Studio in Belwood, Ontario.

A purely Canadian talent, Ross now has songs charting in Europe.  SEND HER ALL MY ANGELS recently reached #1, and before that BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE also reached #1.  NOW AND THEN is currently at #7.  As of this week, NOW AND THEN is at the #1 position on the European charts!

We expect more #1's in the future!  

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Hey Tom

Music and Lyrics by Ross Kennedy

Written in 2013


This is my tribute song to a Canadian music legend Stompin Tom Connors.  Any of you that are reading this and aren’t from Canada you may not know who Stompin Tom is, but here in Canada we sure do.


Every Stompin Tom fan has their story of how they first heard him or saw him and my story goes like this.  I was about 20/21 and living in the Barrie area and my friend Dave Middleton wanted to know if I wanted to go to a music festival on Toronto Island.  I didn’t even know Toronto had an island, but off we went.   Various entertainers had stages set up around the island and the patrons walked around and dropped in on who they wanted to listen to.  I didn’t know any of the acts but when I came to this guy singing songs he had written about Canada I was instantly attracted.  I went out and bought everything that he had produced and I learned how to sing them and I told all my friends and I became a fan forever.


His songs about the people and places in Canada that mean so much to me was something that resonated within me.  These things resonate within many people and is one of the reasons that he was, and still is, dearly loved even though he is gone now.


I didn’t always know the reason why he was liked by me and others so much.  I used to think – oh they are funny songs and about places I knew, etc, - but I didn’t always know the real reason.


After a while I began to see that he was making me proud to be a Canadian and what a great country we have and as our national anthem states, “The true north strong and free”.  He even wrote a song about our beloved game of hockey and referred to one of our legends “Bobby” who I interpret to be Bobby Orr.


He wasn’t always interested in all the awards and accolades that went with what he did and would continually say that there would be no Stompin Tom if it weren’t for the people and places across Canada that he was inspired to write about.


What I started to realize eventually is he was doing his part to unify a country.  At some point in his journey he must have realized that this was his purpose in life and his destiny to do this and so he continued with it and did his best.


In the past few years I have become friends with some of his offspring.  His son Taw Connors and his wife Natalie and their 2 daughters Tracey and Crystal are friends of mine.  Taw is a singer/songwriter in his own right and Tracey has written a few songs too.


This song came to me the morning after I learned about his passing.  My attitude as the song suggests was one of “Thank you for all you’ve given me”.