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Northern Ontario

 Music and Lyrics by Ross Kennedy

 Written in 2007



This song came into being while on a trip to Northern Ontario to go to my niece Christina’s wedding.


I was living in Truro, Nova Scotia and was driving to Geraldton to stay at my brother’s place and vacation and attend Christina’s wedding.


As I was driving in the car with my daughter Mary I again realized how vast Ontario was.  Hence the line “You stretch on for as far as I can see”.  I grew up around Barrie, Ontario and my buddy and I took a trip to Europe when we were 19/20 and I remember looking at a globe of the world and realized you could take all of Europe and fit in inside of Ontario.  Seemed there, when you drove for a day you could be in 5 or 6 different countries, (5/6 currencies), 5/6 languages etc.  But if you start in Windsor, Ontario you probably aren’t going to get to Kenora in one day.  Google says if you go from Windsor to North Bay to Kenora it is 2,279 km and estimate driving time in 25 hours and 40 mins.


When I hear people talking about the rain forests of Brazil, I think, what about our vast Canadian Shield, with its endless lakes, rivers, rocks and trees, and how valuable the north is with its clean air and clean water.


Northern Ontario people are also a good bunch of people.  Working in the mines and bush jobs and in the mills and many other service industries.  Also the north is a vacation refuge for many from the south, especially to the Muskoka area.


Many northerners love outdoor activities, Hunting, golfing, fishing, boating, snowmobiling, hockey, downhill and cross country skiing and curling, canoeing, kayaking, camping.


When I was on this trip that I previously talked about the line “I can feel you breathing” came to me as I was on the lakes canoeing with the loons and I wondered what the eerie silence of the woods was “trying to tell me.”


So this became a song of nature of the woods speaking to my spirit and it also became an environmental song too.