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On This Sandbar

Music and Lyrics by Ross Kennedy

Written in 2009


This is another feel good song that I wrote which I thought would be a good note to end the album on.


A sandbar is something that is created by the tides.  You can walk or swim out through some deeper water to a ridge of sand where the water is shallow, as this song says, the water is “knee deep”, and then the tide goes out and back in a few more times and that sandbar may not be there.


In this song I wound up with 3 verses and a bunch of bridge verses and a bunch of humming.


This is another song with no hidden meanings just a feel good summer, sexy, easy listening song.


It is a song of love, emotion and romance and it creates strong visuals as we picture ourselves on a beach in summer, warm weather, light breeze, ocean rolling, and all the other sights and sounds that may go along with it, such as warm sand between our toes or seagulls calling or the smell of the salt water.


A visual is created immediately of a summer night, from the first line “ I always thought that this would happen underneath the moon”


So the goal was to end the album with a feel good song so “On this Sandbar” was put into the #12 slot to leave the listeners with an easy-going  feeling and in anticipation of my next album which also has another 12 great songs on it.


Hope you enjoy this final song and the whole album in general.