Ross now has four CD's under his belt, produced at the beautiful state of the art Escarpment Studio in Belwood, Ontario.

A purely Canadian talent, Ross now has songs charting in Europe.  SEND HER ALL MY ANGELS recently reached #1, and before that BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE also reached #1.  NOW AND THEN is currently at #7.  As of this week, NOW AND THEN is at the #1 position on the European charts!

We expect more #1's in the future!  

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Road to Thunder Bay 

Music and Lyrics by Stompin Tom Connors


Well like a lot of Canadians I’m a huge Stompin Tom Connors fan which you can read about in the song bio “Hey Tom” a song I wrote as a tribute to him.


I know just about all his songs and have sung them many times.  I didn’t know about this song though and was introduced to it a little over a year ago in this way.


I was talking to a friend of mine from Thunder Bay and was telling him I had just finished writing a song about my friend.  “Well”, I said, “My Friend’s dad.  He just passed.  He was a song writer like me.  My friends name is Taw….. Taw Connors.  And I told my friend when you do the math on all of that is adds up to ….Stompin Tom Connors”


He said, “Stompin Tom Connors!!!!”, and he pulled out his phone and started playing a song he had on there….Road to Thunder Bay….  Was the first time I ever heard it.


I thought of my many family and friends from Geraldton and Greenstone area, who have travelled that road many times.  Dozens of times we have all travelled on the long lonely road to Thunder Bay.


The song itself is spiritually awakening for all of us that hear it.  Here we have a guy that was going to see his girlfriend in Thunder Bay, also known as The Lakehead, and was in a car crash and didn’t make it, but loved her so much and knew that she would be heartbroken so his spirit materialized to a guy who picked him up so he could tell someone to try to comfort his lover and tell her that he would see her again someday when it was her time to return home.  It reteaches us all that there really is nothing greater than love in this world……or the next one.


I was chatting with Taw about this and how his father being so spiritual was the perfect one to deliver this message.  Taw said, “How do you know he was spiritual?”  I said, “I can just tell….by what he wrote, and other things”. …So Taw who has had many long talks with his father on this subject said, “ well you’re right but let me tell you how this song came to be.”  Apparently this guy was travelling from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay when he picked up this guy with a small blue guitar and this experience happened to him.


Well I guess this guy told this to people over and over and few would believe him.  But then Stompin Tom got wind of it and heard the guy tell the story of what had happened and Tom listened.  Tom told Taw, “I have found out speaking from experience that usually when someone relates something like that and refuses to back off from it, that there is probably something to it”.  So Tom wrote this song about it, Road to Thunder Bay.


Now like I previously said Tom was the perfect one to deliver this message.   Everything in life happens for a reason.  Everything happens when it is supposed to.  It was pre-determined long before Tom or the guy driving the car, or the lad with the blue guitar ever incarnated that this would happen…..just like it was supposed to.


And now here you are listening to this song and reading about this story, just like you are,……supposed to.