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Roll With It

Music and Lyrics by Ross Kennedy

Written in 2013


This is a positive song with positive themes


It is a song about the universe and how we need to feel at one with the universe and not get too upset about things we can’t change.


No need to be complaining because it’s too cold or too windy or too hot too cloudy too sunny to on and on we go sometimes, about things we can’t change.


Sometimes we think in all our power…..that we can control everything in our lives when it would be better to just roll with universe on whatever she gives us.


The first two verses talk about things like the weather we can’t change or just try to STOP the tide from coming in.  All of man’s power, intelligence or technology isn’t going to stop so might just as well get out of the way and let it come…..and it will go back when it’s good and ready to and not a moment sooner.


The Bridge verse talks about not letting things that we can’t change ruin our day and that the best things in our life are yet to come.


The last verse talks about hard lessons we all learn and the challenges we all go thru.  What we think is unfair at the time, we realize later that it was something we had to go through and it was part of our destiny we can’t fight, because it was written in the stars of the universe long ago so we have to learn to Roll with It.


The song itself is somewhat upbeat.  It is a relatively short song and to the point.  I designed it that way, so to speak, to make my point and then just leave it there for us all to ponder for a while.


It turns out that it is one of my daughter Mary’s favourite songs and she periodically makes reference to it via text messages or as we are doing something together like golfing she’ll say “HEY DAD WE”LL JUST…. ROLL WITH IT”,  so ….that’s kinda neat.