Ross now has four CD's under his belt, produced at the beautiful state of the art Escarpment Studio in Belwood, Ontario.

A purely Canadian talent, Ross now has songs charting in Europe.  SEND HER ALL MY ANGELS recently reached #1, and before that BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE also reached #1.  NOW AND THEN is currently at #7.  As of this week, NOW AND THEN is at the #1 position on the European charts!

We expect more #1's in the future!  

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Music and Lyrics by Ross Kennedy

Written in 2005


This song is special to me as it is the first song I ever wrote and it was then that I knew I was a song writer.


It started out as a poem and then the music for it came later as I will describe to you in a little while.


I had a friend who worked at a store that I used to go to quite often.  So one day when I was there, she said “Hi Ross, how is your day going?”  I said “Great, how is your day going?”.  She said “Good”.  But it wasn’t a minute and a half later that she said to me “Ross are you really having a good day or am I the only one who is lying?”  I said “oh are you having a bad day?” I asked what happened and she said, “well you know sometimes things in life happen”…. And she got emotional, almost crying so I said, “its ok, you will be all right and you don’t have to tell me and I don’t want to pry”


So I left, but I wondered what was bothering her, because it was not like her to be like that.  As the song says she was usually bright and happy, solid, strong and positive all the time.


So next day I called her store in the morning and she answered and I said, “well how are you today? I don’t need a price on anything; I just want to know how you are doing”.  She said. “Ross you did not….did you really?”  I said “yes I just wanted to know how you are doing”….to which she really didn’t want to answer and I said “well I might come see you this afternoon, because I might need some plywood.”  She said “OK, that would be nice”.  Sure enough I went for the plywood and she was still about the same so I said well everything would work out and I thought I would just leave her be for a while.


But I still wondered what was bothering her, and it was bothering me to the point I was losing sleep over it and I didn’t know what to do, so I thought that I would write a poem about it because I thought that would help.


So I thought I would write a poem to help me and her.  So the theme was, since I had no idea what to do or what the problem was to ask that all my angels be sent to help her.  All the angels who protect me and guide me and infuse me with knowledge and inspiration.  I thought I would be all right to be left alone and fend for myself because she needed them more than me at the time.  I know that we can NEVER be left alone and always, always we have a couple of guardian angels.  But still I was willing to step outside the box and be left alone so she could be helped.


So I took the poem knowing that the words would work and I took and stuffed it under a bunch of papers in my desk because I didn’t want anyone to even know that I had done this.


So I was at peace with all of this and I never thought another thing about it.


Well it wasn’t too long after, a couple of weeks or a month or so when the music started to come to me.  Sometimes in the middle of the night I would wake up and it would be right there in my mind and I would listen to it and I thought to myself…. You know, that sounds pretty good.


So I started singing the song to myself.  But for some reason I couldn’t figure out what key it was in or what the chords were.  As I said, I had never written a song before.


So with the help of my friend Mike Kilburn I sang the song to him and he showed me what the key I was in and where the chords were.


So I would sing the song to myself all the time and my kids Charles and Mary would listen and one day Mary’s friend was visiting after school and she said I really like that song and I could tell she was mesmerized by it.


So I thought I would be playful and I asked Charles and Mary if they had ever heard that song before on the radio.  Mary was pretty sure she probably had and Charles answered when I asked who it was that did it and he said I think Tim McGraw or Alan Jackson or someone I think.


So I played with them for a few days and then I said you’ve never heard that on the radio because it’s never been on the radio because I wrote that song.  Well they didn’t believe me so I took Mary down to where I had hidden the poem underneath the papers in my desk.  I used to say I wrote it as a poem that I didn’t want anyone to know about and it was turned into a song which I will sing for anyone.


As a sequel to the story I did find out what the problem was which I won’t go into.  But she thanked me for the song and said that it did help her and she said she could see how it could help many others.  How another could send her daughter angels or she said I could send my angels to you.


She also said to me a few years later, “Ross you always said that everything would be all right” and as she gave a few updates in her life she assured me that everything was all right now.


So as I say, what started out as a poem that I didn’t want anyone to know about turned into a song that I love to sing, anytime which I hope others love to hear and listen to. It is a song about a process that we can go through to help others heal.