Ross now has four CD's under his belt, produced at the beautiful state of the art Escarpment Studio in Belwood, Ontario.

A purely Canadian talent, Ross now has songs charting in Europe.  SEND HER ALL MY ANGELS recently reached #1, and before that BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE also reached #1.  NOW AND THEN is currently at #7.  As of this week, NOW AND THEN is at the #1 position on the European charts!

We expect more #1's in the future!  

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The Lucky One

Music and Lyrics by Ross Kennedy

Written in 2013


This is a song which I wrote as a present to my daughter in law, Megan.


The title to the song is inspired by my daughter Mary.  When she was a little girl I would say to her, “Hey Mary I’m the lucky ONE”….    “Why’s that Dad?”  …..  “Well I get to be your dad in this lifetime”……  “No no Dad I’m the lucky one because I get to be your daughter”….. “ No, no, I’m the lucky one”, I’ld say to her……”No, no”, She’d say, “I’m the lucky one”…and we would banter back and forth, pretending to be arguing.  Even today we will repeat this scenario just for fun.  I’m carrying the same theme to Megan..  I feel that I’m the lucky one that I get to be her father-in-law in this lifetime.


Megan became a girlfriend of my son Chris.  Chris had been single for a while, but I heard he had a new girlfriend, hence the line “They said my son had his eye on you”.   For months before I had a chance to meet her, everyone would tell me, “oh, you will really like Megan”…”You will really like Megan”…  over and over they would tell me.   I actually got sick of hearing it, thinking to my self…I will make up my mind for myself who it is I like or don’t like in this life.   So this is where the line comes from “Heard good things that the people say”; because everyone had good things to say about her.


So the winter day finally came when I met her at a public skate at the Geraldton rink.  So my first words to her were, “Hi Megan, nice to meet you.  I’ve heard lots of good things about you”.   So those that said I would like her were right because we had an instantaneous connection, hence the line, “What the people said proved to be true”


Megan is a self-confessed, old fashioned type.  She loves hanging out with her family or Mom (Pam), Father (Harry), sister (Kara and brother-in-law Ryan), grandmother (Margaret) and all of Chris’s brothers and her and his sister (Mary) are Best buds.  She plays sports but isn’t competitive.  She will play hockey, but not go to the tournaments.  She plays golf, but doesn’t care is she plays well or not.  She doesn’t even keep score.  She loves to work and makes sure she does a good job.  Bonnie (another daughter-in-law of mine) calls her a baby whisperer because she is so good with children.


So for those reasons I feel that I’m the lucky one


But let’s listen to her words now.  This is what she wrote to me in her wedding gift thank you card:


Ross – Thank you for the absolute most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received!  I will treasure it forever!  Also Thanks for such a warm welcome into your awesome family.  I look forward to what the future brings!  I’m the Lucky One!

                                                                         Love Megan