The 2nd CD is nearing completion. It will include a duet with my daughter, Mary, and the debut single of my son, Charles.


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Music and Lyrics by Ross Kennedy

1st verse


Can’t send the rain back to where it came from

So let it do what it must do
Can’t make the tide come any sooner
And it leaves when it wants to



Some things we can’t control one bit

So we need to learn to roll with it

And if it bothers you ...get over
and........Roll with it...just roll with it ...roll with it

2nd verse


Can’t make the moon shine any brighter
Can’t stop the snow from fallin down
Can’t keep the autumn leaves from changin
And you can’t turn the wind ....around
But we can roll with it....


(repeat chorus)

bridge verse

We don’t get too upset

About things we can’t change

The best is comin yet

And bad memories ....fade

3rd verse


Sometimes our lessons learned are painful;

Don’t understand what we can’t see

But it’s not long before we....get it...

And we can’t fight our .....destiny
but we can Roll with it


Repeat chorus to end



© 2013 Ross Kennedy and Ross Kennedy Music